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an image of a fish skeleton with text on it that reads, when an ell has
a person is holding up a book with the words under bread and how to read it
two coffee mugs sitting on top of a shelf with the caption bowl is coming
a stuffed animal laying on top of a wooden floor next to a computer screen with the caption today, my teacher taught us how to make a chicken
a yellow sign that says, my sister and i are both teachers, and we have a contest
a newspaper page with an article about the fire
an advertisement for a restaurant called kum and go with the caption above it
a computer screen with the text, i blocked my ex on everything but she some how managed to message me through direct tv
the text on the screen reads, i don't know what worse that my wife uploaded my snoot spoty, that she took the time to release an instrument version
four different types of labels and the words, this is why font selection is so important
an image of a car in the water with caption that reads, this awkward moment when