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Monument to St. Boniface before Mainz Cathedral. Today's Saint, Saint Martin, Pray For Us, Statue, Oak Tree, Sacred Art, Roman Catholic, Worship, Garden Sculpture

June 5th - St. Boniface. The Apostle of Germany, as he came to be called, offered up all of his struggles and work for the sake of souls converting to Christ. With a soul fortified by the Lord he went to pagan Germany to help save souls for eternity. With such displays as cutting down an oak tree worshipped as a Norse God, in front of those worshipping, he brought Christ to this land. Pray for us.

Happy Feast day of St Francis Caracciolo – June 4 (Patron of Naples and of Italian Chefs) Father Francis often spent almost the whole night praying in church. He wanted all the priests to spend at least one.A Yearbook of Saints Santa Maria, Today's Saint, Happy Feast Day, Saint Feast Days, Religion Catolica, San Francisco, Heart Of Jesus, June 4th, Catholic Saints

June 4th - St. Francis Caracciolo. Today's saint displays a zeal for prayer and penance. Such prayer brought him to found a religious order and become its superior. He held such a high zeal of prayer for the blessed Sacrament that he is remembered for this love. Pray for us.

 Charles Lwanga and the Ugandan Martyrs. The first martyrs in Africa who after converting to Christianity swore to pray until death under the persecution of King Mwanga, which is exactly what they did. Pray for us. Uganda, Mass Readings, Work In Africa, Young Leaders, Catechist, Catholic News, Christian Religions, True Faith, The Brethren

June 3rd - St. Charles Lwanga and the Ugandan Martyrs. The first martyrs in Africa who after converting to Christianity swore to pray until death under the persecution of King Mwanga, which is exactly what they did. Pray for us.

On June the Catholic Church remembers two fourth-century martyrs, Saints Marcellinus and Peter, who were highly venerated after the discovery of their tomb and the conversion of their. Catholic News, Catholic Saints, Today's Saint, The Risen, Pray For Us, Important Dates, Large Painting, Christianity, Rome

June 2nd - St. Peter and St. Marcellinus. One was an exorcist, the other a priest, both testified to their faith in Christ, were witnesses to the end, and martyred for their belief in The Way, The Truth, and The Life. Sts. Peter and Marcellinus, pray for us.

 Justin Martyr with the crown of martyrdom. The tradition that Jesus was born in a cave just outside of Bethlehem is attested to by Justin Martin (ca. Origin of Alexandria wrote that the cave was regularly pointed out by locals. Catholic Memes, Catholic Saints, Roman Catholic, Humor Religioso, Justin Martyr, Ignatius Of Antioch, Early Church Fathers, Religious Humor, Christian Humor

June 1st - St. Justin Martyr. One of the most famous converts and apologists of the Early Church, being martyred in 165. After years of studying philosophy and looking for purpose in life, and his heart's desires, he found fulfillment in Christ. St. Justin Martyr, pray for us.

Visitation: 1491 by Domenico Ghirlandaio (Musee du Louvre - Paris) - Early Renaissance Catholic Art, Religious Art, Michelangelo, Lucas 1, Gospel Of Luke, Blessed Mother Mary, Queen Mother, Louvre Paris, Christian Artwork

May 31st - Feast of the Visitation. The Church in her wisdom has chosen today to celebrate the great occurrence of Jesus and Mary visiting Elizabeth and John the Baptist. As Jesus was in Mary's sacred womb we are mindful that, like Mary, we are all called to bring Jesus to others. St. Elizabeth, St. John the Baptist, and Mary Queen of Heaven and Earth, pray for us.

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres painted image of Joan of Arc at the coronation of Charles VII. Jeanne d'Arc au sacre du roi Charles VII, dans la cathedrale de Reims Joan of Arc. This image is available as a print. Joan D Arc, Saint Joan Of Arc, St Joan, Today's Saint, Jeanne D'arc, Catholic Saints, Patron Saints, Roman Catholic, Catholic Art

May 30th - Saint Joan of Arc. A heroic saint, who at the age of 15 aided in leading France to battle. By responding to mystical visions from saints and angels to help liberate France from English control. The life of St. Joan was filled with all sorts of trials and tests, resisting of God's promptings, mystical visions, and ultimate success in following the Will of God until her final hour. St. Joan of Arc, pray for us.