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Hellhounds howl, are ya listenin? In the warehouse, blood is glistenin. A gory death scene, here come Sam and Dean. Walkin in a Winchester wonderland.

Supernatural ~ Plaid wonderland - Getting ready for the anniversary of this show. Will be wearing plaid this coming fall.

Destiel Sexin'

angelic-diablo: “ thesockmonkeyrenegade: “ Thanks for forcing me to finish this guys. ” Dean is paler than Cas. Dean has brown hair instead of blond. Cas has brown hair.

slaughterhouse of love

I’ve been feeling quite sick and crappy the last days and obviously that means I have to make self-indulgent whump art :I

destiel smut | You're An Angel [Destiel Fanfiction]

Read Chapter 11 from the story You're An Angel [Destiel Fanfiction] by Living_Dead_Lena (Lena Kirby) with reads.

Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles

Misha Collins and Jensen Ackles---looks like Dean and Cas Christmas card. << already have this, but I pinned for the comment! Misha's smile is so cute!