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The Dark Brotherhood is an organization of highly trained assassins who carry out assassination contracts. The Dark Brotherhood is called upon by those . Daughters of Skyrim: The Assassin

Beautiful The Witcher artwork uploaded by IronMan - Concept Art - Redania

Thrain's Prologue Armour Moria Gate Battle - The Hobbit, part I - A selection of concept design from the first installment of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Chronicles: Art and Design - The Art of Nick Keller

This is Rosemary. She is of fairy descent, as her grandmother was a pixie. She has been fighting the evil fairies along with her pet dragon, Spike, for three years now. She is known as the official protector of the mythical creatures in fairy country.

Artwork: Minas Tirith at Dawn by fantasy artist Ted Nasmith. See more artwork by this featured artist on the fantasy gallery website.