Míša Šubrová

Míša Šubrová

Míša Šubrová
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False Creek Condo by After Design

Hallways as gallery walls. Another good use of space. White frames and gray walls look clean, contemporary. Contemporary Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and Decor on Houzz

Everything stinks till it's finished. #drseuss

“Everything stinks till it’s finished.

I always knew looking back on the tears would make me laugh Quote

when we think of the memory's that made us cry in the past, we may laugh. And sometimes, a memory that made us laugh (ex. making fun of someone or laugh with the people who are making fun of you.) makes us cry.

Dr. Seuss Quotes for Adults | actually have a big plastic bat. I swing it around now and then and ...

I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead and some come from behind. But I’ve bought a big bat. I’m all ready you see. Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me!

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

I love cat in hat, and Dr. And so true, memories are so unpredictable. The trips I thought I'd remember forever aren't, and the worst things became funniest memories!