Theater Feuer mit "Poolnudeln"

Campfire made from spray painted swim noodles hot-glued together. Flames are made from foam sheets cut flat into flames, then rolled into a tube and hot-glued to stay in tube shape giving it a random flame look.

Campfire for Camp Read Day

Handprint campfire with S'mores Thanksgiving camping craft for kids. >>> Read more info by clicking the link on the image.

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Fire handprint painting for preschoolers or elementary aged kids or Scouts. Campfire craft or VBS craft. The Bergman Life: Preschool Art

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Many people like it when it's big and a large fire pit is the way to begin with it. And this largeness demands an extravagant party, a cool party and a .

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make a little campfire out of a paper bags and tissue paper for the flames, next put a light underneath . You could also use battery powered candles. Sit around the campfire like the Native Americans did.

"play campfire: build in classroom and have kids sit around and share out stories they have written. Could even have s'mores." I like this idea for singing campfire songs in the classroom :)

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