"HJackman_Week 43 - Theme: "Brown" Autumns Bounty" ~ Photo by sumoetx: These are acorns and leaves collected during last weeks hike to Rocky Mouth Canyon waterfall in Utah. They make me think of autumn.  MiNiK PoRTaKaL: Orman Perisi Kostümü...

No-Sew Leaf Fairy Costume. this could also make a good tree costume. if you have a baby, dress him up as a bird.


Previous pinner: Juggle three chestnuts, making sure each is lofted in the air at least three times. (More than three times is okay, but fewer invalidates them.) Give two of the chestnuts to others to wish on, and keep the third for yourself.

12079182_958213624238588_3186763233223766249_n.jpg (565×700)

12079182_958213624238588_3186763233223766249_n.jpg (565×700)

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Dub zimní (Drnák) - Tipy do lesa - Vojenské lesy a statky dětem

Green nuts vector material download

Lots and lots of nuts from all over the world, a green vector pack that will appeal to all those looking for a promotional green image or for anyone else t


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Elementary Science, Montessori, Schools, Leaves, Science, Nursery Rhymes, Environment, Fall Season, Kindergarten


Elementary Science, Game Cards, Sciences, Montessori, Clip Art, Leaves, Preschool, Nature, Illustrations


Elementary Science, Game Cards, Classroom Ideas, Montessori, Leaves, Nature, Environment, Preschool


Elementary Science, Game Cards, Craft Art, Sciences, Edm, Montessori, Clip Art, Plant, Preschool