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books for ages 3 - 5 with title overlay
50+ Best Audiobooks for Kids that Adults Will Also Like
Do you have a child who loves to read? Check out our list of the best audiobooks for preschoolers. Equally great for road trips and during quiet time at home! #audiobooks #roadtriptips #books #homeschool #homeschooling
an old wooden boat is on display in a museum
50+ Virtual Field Trips to Take When You're Stuck at Home
50+ Virtual Field Trips to Take When You're Stuck at Home #homeschooling #fieldtrip #homelearning
a green frog with the words 10 fact about leap day
leap year books for kids and adults
12 Titles to Celebrate Leap Year – Literacious
12 Titles to Celebrate Leap Year
christmas activities for homeschooling that i can't wait to do
10 Christmas Activities for Homeschooling
10 Christmas Activities for Homeschooling
there are many children's books with the title ten funny novels that will have kids laughing out loud
Ten Funny Chapter Books That Will Have Kids Laughing Out Loud - Intentional Homeschooling
a poster with words written on it that read syllable rules and other words
Syllable Rules-teaching Kids To Read Multi-syllable Words 285
two posters with numbers and faces on them, each showing different types of people's names
Even Steven and Odd Todd
a young boy sitting in front of a bookshelf with the title 64 christian books like magic treehouse
72 Christian Books Like the Magic Tree House Series - Big Books, Little Ears
the instructions for how to play single player games in an easy - to - use board game
The Best Board Games For Kids & Families (That Aren't Candy Land or Monopoly)
a stack of board games sitting on top of a wooden table next to a tv
Cait's homeschool day in the life (with a 5-, 7-, and 8-year-old) - Simple Homeschool
cait's homeschool day in the life
games for kids with focus on literature and reading skills that are easy to use, great for any age child
Fun and Engaging Literacy Board Games for Preschoolers
These literacy-focused preschool board games encourage learning through play. | via @homeschlprek
the best books to teach fractions with pictures of children's books on them
The Best Books to Teach Fractions to Kids
This fun list of children's books includes a variety of books and free lessons to teach and explore fractions! Use these books to introduce fractions, or explore more difficult concepts such as adding and comparing fractions, or making equivalent fractions.
states and capital flash cards with the words
These States and Capitals Flashcards are the perfect tool to help you or your kid learn the US States and Capitals! Download, print, laminate and learn! From #statesandcapitals #stateflashcards #usaflashcards #statecapitals
many children's books are stacked on top of each other and the title reads living books for early readers promoting good
Living books for elementary readers - Wildflower Ramblings
the united states map with words that read, youtube videos, songs and website for kids to teach the united states & capital cities
Giant List of Companies Offering FREE educational Subscriptions & Materials due to School Closings - Your Modern Family
children's books that teach geometricly with the title 15 children's books that teach geometricly
Children's Books that Teach Geometry
This collection of children's books allow the opportunity for children to learn more about 2D and 3D shapes, symmetry, patterns, and more!
a poster with the words free social story playing nicely
Free Social Story: Playing Nicely in 2021 | Social stories, Social emotional learning, Social emotio
the u s state trading cards on a wooden table with text overlay that reads us state trading cards
State Trading Cards to Bring Geography to Life → Royal Baloo
the best books to teach place value and large numbers with pictures of children's books
The Best Books to Teach Place Value and Large Numbers
states and capital matching game for kids to play on the table with their name cards
States and Capitals Matching Game
the best books to teach multiplication and division with pictures of children's books
The Best Books to Teach Multiplication and Division
children's books about love for math with the title, 100 books that encourage a love for math
100 Books To Encourage a Love for Math
Help Your Kids Fall In Love With Math Using Books by Jamerrill Math doesn’t have to be boring! Help your child fall in love with math using these great books. This list is by no means exhaustive. There are many, many books out there that present math in fun and practical ways. These are just some ideas to get you started.
fun games for learning the 50 states
Fun Games for Learning the 50 States