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Inspirational, motivational, encouraging, positive quotes for kids - Including Bible verses, scripture. Quotes from mom and dad or in the classroom. Funny and serious quotes for boys and girls. Short quotes with nice graphics. The Words, Quotes About God, Quotes To Live By, Time Quotes, Change Quotes, Quotes Quotes, Funny Quotes, Great Quotes, Inspirational Quotes

10 Inspiring Quotes to Teach Your Children

I am a word nerd. You might have guessed, being that I've published over 2,000 posts on this little blog of mine. Also, I have 2 tattoos which are quotes from books (and more specifically, from Harry Potter books) and 2 more which are words that mean something to me. Words are in my heart and soul, and I hope that my kids feel the same way. What follows are 10 pretty graphics that you can print out and hang in your house to remind you and your kids of your values in the world. They're about…

The book of Revelations the last in the bible has long caused controversy and debate as it deals with the second coming of Christ and final end of the World, though often cryptic and difficult to understand and interpret. Bible Verses Quotes, Bible Scriptures, Faith Quotes, Repentance Quotes, Faith Verses, The Words, Religious Quotes, Spiritual Quotes, Believe

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Names of God.if these are the names GOD Jehovah is called in the old testament that means each time lord is said, it is speaking of Jehovah as God NOT Jesus. Jehovah is Gods name. Jesus is his son. Christian Life, Christian Quotes, Christian Names, Bible Scriptures, Bible Quotes, Jesus Bible, Faith Quotes, Bibel Journal, Names Of God

the names of God from the old testament

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Reread your KJV bible and not another version written by men to their own understanding and not of the Spirit. Christian Faith, Christian Quotes, Christian Posters, Christian Messages, Christian Images, Christian Living, Bible Scriptures, Bible Quotes, Biblical Quotes

US Bail Bondsman

For someone to have the right for bail, a judge will be the one to decide whether the person is rightful for the bail. He will be released from jail depending on the extremity of the crime committed...

Galatians Bible verses to live by -🙏⛪✝The Fruit of Psalm 133, Bible Verses Quotes, Bible Scriptures, Faith Quotes, 5 Solas, Life Quotes Love, Fruit Of The Spirit, Jesus Is Lord, Jesus Christ

Galatians Bible verses to live by (5:11) -🙏⛪✝The Fruit of the Spirit which we receive in our faith walk with the Lord: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-control!

The Bible is being fulfilled quickly. If you're a believe, you see this happening everyday. Come Quickly Lord Jesus. Faith Quotes, Bible Quotes, And So It Begins, Thing 1, Bible Truth, Faith In God, Spiritual Inspiration, Bible Scriptures, Bible Teachings


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No matter how your Christmas went, the Lord wants us to give it all to Him and rest in His faithfulness. Friend, let go, and LET GOD! Lead me Jesus! Bible Verses Quotes, Bible Scriptures, Me Quotes, Book Of Job, Quotes About God, Names Of Jesus, Spiritual Quotes, Trust God, Christian Quotes

No matter how your Christmas went, the Lord wants us to give it all to Him and rest in His faithfulness. Friend, let go, and LET GOD!

Hard days are inevitable. But we don't have to accept defeat. Don't let life's circumstances pull you into a frenzy of overwhelm, despair, or fear. Reclaim your life from the grip of circumstances today! Scripture Verses, Bible Scriptures, Bible Quotes, Me Quotes, Healing Scriptures, Irish Quotes, Godly Quotes, Heart Quotes, Falling Apart Quotes

What to do when everything is falling apart

I've been there, too. With every breath, it feels like your chest might cave in from the pressures of the circumstances. What do you do when everything is falling apart? I'll share some tips and encouragement with you in this post.

Faith is Being Sure of What We Hope For Blue 25 x 16 Wood Pallet Design Wall Art Sign > Check this awesome image : home diy improvement Scripture Quotes, Bible Scriptures, Scripture Crafts, Rustic Wall Art, Favorite Bible Verses, Spiritual Inspiration, Trust God, Christian Quotes, Christian Wall Art

Faith is Being Sure of What We Hope for Blue 25 x 16 Wood Pallet Design Wall Art Sign Faith is Being Sure of What We Hope for Blue 25 x 16 Wood Pallet Design Wall Art Sign: Home Improvement

So true . More and more, as I read and memorize Scripture (or concepts that run throughout the Bible), it baffles me that even some Christians think that "there's no roadmap/rulebook/instruction manual/etc. to life" is a legitimate statement. Bible Scriptures, Bible Quotes, Faith Bible, Biblical Quotes, Religious Quotes, Encouragement Quotes, Meaningful Quotes, After Life, Spiritual Inspiration

Life’s Instruction Manual.

Life comes with an instruction manual. It’s called, wait for it. . . The Bible. :) If you dare to read it, you will find where most of our moral values come from and a lot of day to day say…