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Alfa-Romeo Scarabeo Concept (O.S.I.) (1966)

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(Yew Tree Tunnel, Netherlands) This reminds me of the fairy trails from fairy tails I read as a kid. I always thought that maybe secret trails would appear out of the brush to led a curious wanderer to a hidden world with magic.

Schloss (castle) Neuschwanstein near Munich, Germany. The day of my visit was rainy & foggy. This castle was the inspiration for one at Disneyland & Disney World. Your comments / critiques of this photo are welcome. Thank you.

Schloß (Castle) Neuschwanstein near Schwangau, Bayern (Bavaria), Germany. This castle was the inspiration for the castles built in Disneyland & Disney World, as well as some of those in Disney's animated films like 'Beauty & the Beast' - by Paul Vo

VERY bad move, Barcelona (colored glass does NOT an architecture make). And WTF does this building have to do with the Barcelona that we knew and loved . It is a TRAGEDY of a grand order.