DIY Easter Egg Basket

DIY Easter Egg Basket from Thread 2 more refined design version of old string egg:

crochet hearts

Crochet lavender hearts-- I bet these would be nice filled with some sort of potpourri. Fill with my lavender this summer.

beautiful crochet cozy

What a sweet way to contain pencils and other bits & bobs. /crochet home accessories

Vintage vianocne gulky by kattika82 - - Handmade Vianoce

Vintage vianocne gulky / kattika82 - - Handmade

DioneDesign / Háčkovaná Veľkonočná kuriatka - návod

Háčkovaná Veľkonočná kuriatka - návod / DioneDesign - - Handmade Návody a literatúra

Veľkonočné vajko *7 / adis - - Handmade Dekorácie