Nobody Knows @celbuckingham  #slovakrail @rtvs @tvTA3 @Omediach @denniksme @YouTube @SorryWecan

Celeste Buckingham - Nobody knows beautiful song

Love in Your Soul @celbuckingham  #slovakrail @rtvs @tvTA3 @Omediach @denniksme @YouTube @SorryWecan

Celeste Buckingham - Love in Your Soul (Láska na Vlásku)

Gone @celbuckingham  #slovakrail @rtvs @tvTA3 @Omediach @denniksme @YouTube @SorryWecan

Celeste and Carmel Buckingham - Gone (Official Music Video)

Nobody Knows @celbuckingham  #slovakrail @rtvs @tvTA3 @Omediach @denniksme @YouTube @SorryWecan

Check out this pop artist! Wonder how many talented unknown artists are out there? And yes, she's my niece!

Blue Guitar @celbuckingham  #slovakrail @rtvs @tvTA3 @Omediach @denniksme @YouTube @SorryWecan

Blue Guitar by Celeste Buckingham - Official Version

Swing @celbuckingham  #slovakrail @rtvs @tvTA3 @Omediach @denniksme @YouTube @SorryWecan

Swing @celbuckingham #slovakrail @rtvs @tvTA3 @Omediach @denniksme @YouTube @SorryWecan

Unpredictible @celbuckingham  #slovakrail @rtvs @tvTA3 @Omediach @denniksme @YouTube @SorryWecan

Unpredictible @celbuckingham #slovakrail @rtvs @tvTA3 @Omediach @denniksme @YouTube @SorryWecan

Crushin' My Fairytale @celbuckingham  #slovakrail @rtvs @tvTA3 @Omediach @denniksme @YouTube @SorryWecan

Crushin' My Fairytale - Celeste Buckingham (from the Album: Where I Belong) she's sich a good singer!

Run run run @celbuckingham  #slovakrail @rtvs @tvTA3 @Omediach @denniksme @YouTube @SorryWecan

Celeste Buckingham - RUN RUN RUN (Official VideoClip) I get told I sound like her when I sing all the time. AND it's become my favorite song/ especially to sing in a karaoke bar I get people cheering.

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