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Ensemble MOTUS HARMONICUS explores the lingua materna and women’s voices from history, reconstructing songs of the trobairitz. Centering on women’s song primarily from the 12th-13th century Occitania, this new program is a historical celebration of women’s speech, and of those remarkable figures whose names and voices did survive the ages. Lyric by Azalais de Porcairagues, Lombarda, Clara d’Anduza, and others. See more:


Lucifer's Fall. Programme of Motus Harmonicus: Lucifer: “The infernal serpent”; fallen angel; antihero. In this programme, we present songs and duets from Harmonia Sacra and readings from Blake, Milton and the metaphysical poets, focusing on Lucifer’s fall, and themes of recklessness, betrayal, loss, hubris, penitence and redemption. Music by: Henry Purcell, John Blow, Pelham Humfrey, Matthew Locke, Tobias Hume. See more at


Morte i begli occhi: In the late 16th and early 17th centuries, a wave of new music attested to the increasing opportunities and autonomy available to talented female musicians, writers, artists, and composers in the secular world. This programme focuses on the genius and achievements of four remarkable composers– Francesca Caccini, Settimia Caccini, Leonora Orsina, and Barbara Strozzi—within the context of some of their contemporaries. See more at


Samuel Capricornus was one of the few Czech composers in the 17th century who were a major influence on European contemporaneous music culture. This composer earned in his short life acknowledgement from such contemporaries as Schütz and Carissimi. He was active in Vienna, worked for a few years as a music director in Presburg and finally fulfilled his career at the court of Elector in Stuttgart, as maestro di capella. See more at

The white deer is a potent mythological symbol, deeply rooted in the human consciousness. It is the connection to the other world, the primal dance of hunter/hunted, fertility and death, the numinous and the mundane. It is the unattainable dream, one that leads us through to wild and thorny thickets, supernatural dark forest spaces, where we must confront our deeper selves. See more at