Veo y Pienso las Maravillas del Creador

wisteria is absolutely the most beautiful thing. Most people dont like it cuz they say it chokes the trees, but as it hangs like clusters of grapes I am hypnotized.

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Wisteria frutescens - Be sure to get the native Wisteria since the non-native species are VERY aggressive and can pull the railings right off people's porches!

Like a floral waterfall

Hanging flowers in the garden and a bench to admire them. White wisteria - is it even better than the purple?

Beautiful arbor with wisteria

Our inspiration photos are pergola filled with Wisteria Vine. So, naturally, we had to get our Wisteria Vines.

Mediterranean gardening and garden design is ideal for gardens anywhere in the world which have a Mediterranean style climate of hot, dry summers and fairly frost-free winters. Our collection of ou…

~A Wisteria Path~

Beautiful DIY Garden Paths And Inspiration

wisteria is so beautiful. beautiful flagstone garden path down the fabulous wisteria garden!

Somerleyton Hall is widely regarded as one of the best examples of an archetypal Tudor-Jacobean mansion and one of the most beautiful stately homes in Britain whose rooms and gardens are open to the public. The gardens at Somerleyton Hall include a walled garden where you will find ornate iron and glass greenhouses designed by Joseph Paxton, the architect of Crystal Palace; an 80’ pergola with some old wisteria; roses; clematis and vines. Adjacent to this is one of the finest yew hedge…

*want** Wisteria Tree. Planting one now. Just stake your Wisteria & keep it pruned back each year. The vine will eventually grow into a tree. I'd estimate this Wisteria tree to be over 20 years old.

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This vintage floral illustration features a hanging branch of wisteria, lusciously full of the beautiful purple petals. The image is from Familiar Garden Flowers, circa by F.