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Nastya Kartašova

Nastya Kartašova
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Endsheets: b/w photos from around PC but brighten important structures. Other endsheet could be Monster Inc doors, all b/w except brighten ones that are open and have words in it with curiosity quote.

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Sleeping Beauty statue in Berlin Louis Sußmann-Hellborn Dornröschen Sleeping Beauty (French: La Belle au bois dormant, “The Beauty in the sleeping wood”) by Charles Perrault is a.

pienoy: Intervention Ph dancretu[Tumblr + Instagram + Twitter + Soundcloud]

We love the work of Dan Cretu and today we're celebrating his creative mashups to brighten your Monday morning! Check out some of our Dan Cretu faves.

Gallery of Day Center and Home for the Elderly of Blancafort / Guillem Carrera - 6

Completed in 2013 in Blancafort, Spain. Images by Cristina Serra Juncosa . Day center and home for the elderly of Blancafort. A social building necessary for the elderly of the village of Blancafort and its neighboring.