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the diagram shows different types of spheres and their names, including one that is labeled in red
24.3: Nuclear Reactions
Nuclear reactions in formula and particulate diagram forms (from UC Davis ChemWiki)
an image of the elements and their names on a white background with text that says,
Electron Configuration - ppt download
Electron Configuration and Periodic Trends>
an electronic device with the words electronics configuration
Electron Configuration - ppt download
 Electron Configuration is the way electrons are arranged around the nucleus.>
an info sheet with different types of items on it
Photo-of-the-Day: Next Top (Atomic) Model
Next Top (Atomic) Model
the diagram shows how different types of reactions are present in each reaction, and what happens do they have?
Unit 7: Nuclear and Kinetics
Standard Reduction Potentials
the history of the atomic theory and model infographical poster with information about each element
"A History of the Atom: Theories and Models" Poster for Sale by compoundchem
a guide to acids, acids, and concentration poster on a white background
A Guide to Acids, Acid Strength, and Concentration
Even if you’re not a chemist, you’ll doubtless remember learning about acids back in school. They’re routinely described as strong or weak, concentrated or dilute. But what’…
the chemistry of decaffiated coffee poster with information on how to use it
How is decaffeinated coffee made? The chemistry of coffee decaffeination
How is decaffeinated coffee made? The chemistry of coffee decaffeination – Compound Interest
a poster describing the benefits of dry cleaning and how to use it for your home
Periodic graphics: The chemistry of dry cleaning
The Chemistry of Dry Cleaning | C&EN Periodic Graphics by Compound Interest
the names and symbols of different types of chemicals, including hydrogens, phosphants, and other substances
Functional groups (general ideas)
World of Biochemistry (blog about biochemistry): Functional groups (general ideas)