Pasen komt binnenkort weer aan. Hier alvast een ideetje om met je klas uit te proberen.  Nodig : eitje, ballon, behangerslijm en wol.

Use PVA glue (take home while still wet then burst balloon a couple of days later).

pisanki+ekologiczne+eko+eco+style+easter+eggs+creadiva+5.jpg (600×800)

pisanki+ekologiczne+eko+eco+style+easter+eggs+creadiva+5.jpg (600×800)

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This page has a lot of free Easter wreath craft idea for kids,parents and preschool teachers.

Pasen - foto's

Centerpiece that looks like a nest for spring//Pasen - foto's

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Lovely Spring arrangement of delicate Snowdrop flowers nestled in a Pussy Willow nest!

blossom cotton boll wreath /

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