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An image created based on a study of a master painting. How exciting! Trying to apply knowledge.

What if there was a vineyard or something that had these dragons to keep pests away or an au where dragons are common and intelligent like humans and they can be small or HUGE and it's awesome and stuff.

Au where dragons are born of fruits. The colour and nature of their fruit dictate their personality and role in the human world. Farms are made to raise dragons and be sold to humans.

Alexandra Khitrova is a Russian illustrator and concept artist who creates fantasy-like digital paintings. Previously a motion graphics specialist, she now goes by the artist name GaudiBuendia and delights us with ethereal creations portraying mostly mysterious scenes of nature.

knightofleo: “ “Alexandra Khitrova raspberry dragon blueberry dragon cherry dragon grape dragon cloudberry dragon ” more by Alexandra Khitrova ”