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DIY this vertical terrarium to grow herbs indoors. No instructions but looks easy to do with some mason jar "pots", threaded rod, wood and bolts.


How to Make a Terrarium. A terrarium is a miniature indoor garden inside a glass container. The plants are low maintenance and are perfect for people who don't have a green thumb or who don't have time to care for a garden. You can place a.

I plan to take a piece of Washington with me when I leave for Oregon.

DIY Moss Terrarium Craft: You& likely seen terrariums popping up as decor accents all over the home-design world. Now your kids can craft their very own self-contained eco-environment!


On Our Shop theZenSucculent on Etsy: Modern Dewdrop Hanging Planter - Planter diy Home Decor Gift Hanging Terrarium Glass Supply

Easy Garden Landscape Terrarium Cube - for apartment living; bring the outdoors in!

Bring nature indoors with this micro garden landscape. It features mini mounds of moss and palm-tree shaped Selaginella plants with for bonsai-like! Love this Minigarden!

@Rebecca Kilgore look!! I bought one of the marimo balls and I'm gna get a little environment!! Check them out!

The Beaker Boys Marimo Ball Terrarium by MyZen on Etsy I use these moss balls in my fish tank but never thought to put them in a terrarium!

Terrarium with rocks, preserved moss, air plant, orchid bark, charcoal, stones, glass, wood, Billy balls, air plants, etc.

shows how sand, pigments, branches and various little trinkets can be used to create a detailed terrarium.