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Lol that reaction is perfection

fy-sulay: “ 160606 ○ EXOMENTARY LIVE: Suho is a Pastry Chef! (trans: irpsychotic) Lay’s characteristic that Suho included on his cake was the dimples!

SuLay!!! :D Can anyone recommend any good multi-chaptered fanfiction that focuses on SuLay, BaekYeol, or XiuChen? They're always background ships, it seems. I can only fine one-shots that focus on them, I have trouble finding multi-chaptered fanfics of them. Thanks!

Read Capítulo Dos -final- from the story Scrabble [SuLay] by ChoiCinddy (♡Cinnz) with reads. Sinceramente, Junmyeon nunca fue a.

Lay recognizing Mama Suho's place XD>>>Peeps who think Lay ani't sassy need to see this shit!

(this is literally my favourite savage lay moment i have rewatched the video a thousand times omg) The real question is why Lay says what he always says XDXDDD