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two plastic bottles filled with toys sitting on top of a table
Brincadeira de Férias: Baile de Máscaras e Instrumentos Musicais
a bunch of gummy bears sitting on top of a wooden table
Страничка музыкального руководителя — Муниципальное бюджетное дошкольное образовательное учреждение
a person is holding a white object with lots of colorful plastic cups attached to it
Evde Müzik Aleti Nasıl Yapılır? -
a hand holding a circular toy with red, yellow and white stripes on it's sides
Нетрадиционные музыкальные инструменты #сделайсам | Интересный контент в группе Копилка педагога
several pictures of different things made out of wood and paper machs, including an object that looks like a bat
How to Make a Rainstick Instrument
two bracelets are sitting on top of each other, one is blue and the other is yellow
18 Ideias – Instrumentos Musicais Reciclados
there are some toys on the blue table
Projeto Música para maternal 3 - Professora Romilda
three plastic spoons with colorful designs on them
DIY Maracas
three handmade lollipops with different patterns on them
DIY Spin Drum for Kids Birthday Parties
the instructions for making your own maracas are shown in this image, including candy spoons and candies
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