Monika Šihorová

Monika Šihorová

Monika Šihorová
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The Dragon's EGG - Game of Thrones book Cover by jamga on DeviantArt

but this one is for a bok cover IN the univers of GOT but 90 years before the main events It's a nov. The Dragon's EGG - Game of Thrones book Cover

Art Story, Fantasy Weapons, Story Ideas, Armour, Anime Art, Pathfinder Rpg, Concept Art, Freelance Illustrator, Digital Art, Body Armor, Conceptual Art

Pathfinder - Psychic Anthology Illustration, Forrest Imel on ArtStation at

Some more Pathfinder work, this time for their book Psychic Anthology Pathfinder - Psychic Anthology

Distended Mindbender - MTG Eldritch Moon (alternate version) , Yohann Schepacz OXAN STUDIO on ArtStation at

Magic: The Gathering – Distended Mindbender – by Yohann Schepacz “Card Art for the new Eldritch Moon set. This is an earlier version that I like better the finale one.” [card] View Original Source Here