Victory rolls - tutorial krok po kroku w wykonaniu Rockagirl. Ostatni tutorial z retro fryzurą w wykonaniu Rockagirl bardzo Wam przypadł do gustu i jednogłośnie stwierdziliście, że był bardzo pomocny i szczegółowy. Rockagirl zgodziła się stworzyć... #fryzura #jakzrobićvictoryrolls #rockagirl

Victory rolls - tutorial krok po kroku w wykonaniu Rockagirl.

This girl is filed under "Timeless Babe" in the dictionary. Seriously.

missdandy: “ Eva Marie Saint, 1954 Absolutely stunning here.

1940's hair and make-up, dark red lip.

hair and make-up, black eyeliner on upper lids, long lashes, and red lips with dark, wavy hair (Diana Moldovan). IF ONLY I HAD BLUE EYES!

.:  An all-time most-coveted blouse  |  Debra Paget  :.

Debra Paget One of the most beautiful Actress's in Hollywood.

Lauren Bacall's Most Iconic Photos

Lauren Bacall's Most Iconic Photos

Lauren Bacall Dies at 89 - Lauren Bacall's Most Iconic Style Moments

the beautiful Maureen O'Hara/••••She was one of my favorites, mostly because she frequently played opposite John Wayne, who was Daddy's favorite & mine by association. She & Patricia Neal were the only tall actresses around about then so one of them usually was cast w/Wayne. Her life was not always happy & John Ford, who frequently directed Wayne films, was a rattlesnake to work with, but she was a trooper!

Maureen O'Hara - One of My Favorite Classic Hollywood leads. Always alongside one of my favorite Ol' Hollywood actors, John Wayne.

Joan never thought she'd be working for envelopes full of money, for services rendered. The only difference between herself and a whore was that clients walked out with Truth, rather than a smile.

Film Noir Research

Film noir femme fatale Note how the light casts shadows from blinds.

,idda van munster

Dark Flapper Look by Nina and Muna I have short hair like that and wear that color of lipstick. I love black and LOVE the flapper look so I pinned this.

Rita Hayworth 1940s | Repinned by Temple Towels,

Rita Hayworth and some amazing shorts with ruffle detailed pockets

Todays 1940s hair & makeup inspiration Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe I used to think as I looked at the Hollywood night, “There must be thousands of girls sitting alone like me, dreaming of becoming a movie star. But I’m not going to worry about them. I’m dreaming the hardest.

1950's Pinup Makeup Tutorial -

1950's Pinup Makeup Tutorial -

Pinup Makeup Tutorial - shares this image for the love of all things pin up


paradisebetweenthepages: “ First real post! Picture of an absolutely stunning young woman from the The series of pictures that this one came from were of a group of three girls where it seemed.

Camera girls. Late 1930s- Early 1940s.

Adolescent girls with cameras // Late to early

Classic and sophisticated were the makeup looks of the 1940s. Learn how you can create your own look! #Adaline

Authentic 1940s Makeup History and Tutorial

A biography and filmography of Gene Tierney, the star of the classic 'Laura', and one of the most beautiful actresses of Hollywood's Golden Age.

Betty Castle~Sweet Smell of Success Film Noir

Peggie Castle : pistol and cigarette