Monika Kalinová

Monika Kalinová

Monika Kalinová
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Flower bed options

Flower bed options amended soil with mix of peat moss - 10 bags Compost - 10 Bags Top Soil - 20 Bags Mulch - 12 Bags

Purple Fountain Grass Blackie Sweet Potato Vine Margarita Sweet Potato Vine

Great info on container plants. In the picture: Purple fountain grass Blackie sweet potato vine Margarita sweet potato vine

Love Elephant Ears

Bright green Colocasia/Caladium (Elephant Ear), Persicaria microcephala 'Red Dragon' or Lysimachia Firecracker, Monarda (Bergamot - Bee Balm) "Pardon my Pink", Coleus (red or pink), Ipomoea - Sweet Potato Vine "Sweetheart lime"