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Monika Pilátová

Monika Pilátová
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Lol dad always asks "why do the horses have blindfolds on?!"

What are some funny things non-horse people have asked you? Most often asked question, "Why do your horses wear blinkers?" I explain, fly masks are to keep the flys away, and that the horse is not being punished.god people T F

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Say that again hihi

Horse humor - Reminds me of Hidalgo, when the very handsome Viggo Mortensen tells a cocky race-mate not to disparage his horse.

Ha ha yup!!

All of the horses where I ride come out like this! Needless to say, I get there about 30 minutes early every time

Personal Space

We have a horse at the barn who has some serious personal space issues. I pull his halter to the side and say BUBBLE! YOU'RE IN MY BUBBLE!