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Monika Rašková
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5 things I took away from Burning Man

5 things I took away from Burning Man - Zero Waste Home

Fashion through the ages: Tagliavini uses real models for the faces, but  their angular outfits are all cut from different coloured cardboard

Swiss Italian photographer Christian Tagliavini has transcended established horizons of art and fashion with his new project, Dame di Cartone (Cardboard Ladies). The portraits of women he has created mimic the look of historical paintings.

foto: Don Quichotte Czech Marionette

Our hand carved Don Quichotte Marionette is a real masterpiece and he will bring amazing atmosphere into any collection or interior. His loyal servant Sancho Panza and his donkey are available as

Czech Marionettes

Marionettes - Quality Marionettes Puppets and Collectibles _ ooo, u cud confine the figures in a box, & the figures are made of the negative space.