Barrack Obama

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Tammy Schisler
Allowing your meal and health care come from the government or the rich white man who pays taxes, is slavery. You signed up for what your ancestors ran from. Meryl Streep, Liberal Logic, Political Views, Truth Hurts, Lisa, Along The Way, We The People, That Way, Obama

There's more to this than you realize. Obama is a sick man. His payback to everyone for slavery is to destroy America! Can anyone see this?

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Christine Rousselle - Michelle Obama Calls Young People "Knuckleheads," Says They Need Obamacare

Nooooo thanks!

Put our White House like it belongs. It does not belong to Obama. It belongs to the American tax paying legal citizens. Obama is a temporary guest, and now he's turned it into a moslim POS that we have to see? PUT IT BACK you treacherous dictator. Out Of Touch, Thing 1, It Goes On, God Bless America, Before Us, Our Lady, Current Events, We The People, Wake Up

President Obama First U.S. President to Hold Press Conference With No U.S. Flag Behind Him

The media isn't asking. And those who ARE asking are marginalized by labeling us racists, security threats, trouble makers, and TEA baggers. This is what it costs to be a patriot under Obama's long arm of liberalism and leadership by shame.

 Next to Hillary Clinton there has never been a worse First Lady. Michelle Obama, Stupid People, We The People, Stupid Man, Are You Serious, Liberal Logic, Stupid Liberals, Liberal Democrats, Thing 1

She has the nerve to be ungrateful for what she has virtually stolen from taxpayers. Other than that, what's she like as a person?

Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett - after the 2012 election we will punish our enemies 2012 Election, Liberal Logic, Conservative Politics, Our Country, Thats The Way, Democratic Party, Current Events, We The People, Obama

Evil.Complete and total Evil!... This is the sick mentality of the democrat party. Everyone who's against them is the enemy. They act like children. You're more the terrorist then we are sweethearts. You're a party if dictators. Oh we don't agree oh well we just have to live with it? No this is America and not what this country was built on. Last I checked that's not freedom.