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Moral of the story: never tell River Song something is cool.

Moral of the story: never tell River Song something is cool. And never wear anything on your head. At least she hasn't shot the Bow tie yet. And the Doctor would be dead. <-- she likes the bow tie is why.

What was your reaction when you got the role of "The Doctor?"

Reaction of 10 , 11 and 12 to learning they would be the next Doctor. Matt's reaction is SO Matt! I love Capaldi's reaction!

I love the round things

The round things - this part was sooo great, just like the whole episode! Someone noticed that in 9 and tardis the round things look like a Dalek?


Doctor Who where we put things we dont like in the cupboard . "Rory Take Hitler and put him in that cupboard over there" XD

Doctor Who - Stormageddon Dark Lord of All - What happens when the Doctor speaks Baby :D

"all right" Doctor + Donna Donna she's so cool she's sassy and knows how to read people even people who hide there feelings very well Donna...

The weird thing is is that she ends up being half time lord sorta but not really but actually. Yeah I guess it is Timelord code.

Amy and Rory, best couple ever.

"You watch it because I am armed, and really dangerous, and cross." Cross Amy is not to be trifled with.

So Doctor Who. I have re-watched this episode tons of times just for this scene! <3 Why I love the 10th Doctor...

Doctor Who in a nutshell. Doctor Who. The facial expressions of this kills me. <---- all of his facial excpressions (and just his face in general) kill me!

I loved this scene.

David plays such a brilliant, sassy Cassandra, it would've taken everything not to die laughing in this scene.