I {Heart} Teaching: Math Differentiation (Wednesday)

I could do this with sight words.This is a great activity to teach multiplication facts. Each student wears a fact. All day, anyone who talks to him must call him Mr. 32 ~ you get the idea! Could do for addition/subtraction facts too!

Math Coach's Corner: Math Get Acquainted Activity

Math Get Acquainted Activity

Back to School Get Acquainted Math Match-up -- randomly distribute these 24 cards to your class; students try to find the person who has a card mathematically related in some way.

I {Heart} Teaching: Math Differentiation

I {Heart} Teaching: Math Differentiation Cootie Catcher and facts {differentiation}

math game like PIG

Students roll a die to see how many insects their bat eats. Students may continue rolling, in this Bat version of Pig, until they elect to .