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Converting subtasks in JIRA with a Watir script - Software Quality Insights

Whenever I do large data uploads into JIRA, I often find that I have a number of tickets that require a parent/child relationship. That is, some of my tickets get imported as tasks, and I want them .

Atlassian Jira

Jira Revamped – While managing my software development project using Atlassian JIRA, I felt the need to revamp its “Active Sprints” screen’s design a bit. I attempted to spruce it up by introducing.

Official Jenkins LTS docker image

Jenkins is an open source automation server

Git Tutorials and Training | Atlassian Git Tutorial

Learn the basics of Git through this comprehensive Git training. Branching, pull requests, merging and more are covered in the Atlassian Git tutorial.

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I'm on Mac, working on Android development from the terminal. I have successfully created the HelloWorld project and now I'm trying to run it from the command line in the Android emulator.

How do I discard unstaged changes in Git? - Stack Overflow

I'm fairly new to the unit testing world, and I just decided to add test coverage for my existing app this week. This is a huge task, mostly because of the number of classes to test but also because