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Percy Jackson comic...I think my heart was ripped out of my chest

I think my heart was ripped out of my chest and crushed into a million pieces then thrown into Tartarus

This is my favourite picture of the Gods from PJO! XD

This is a rp for the Olympians.This is the PJO and HoO version of the Olympian gods and goddesses.You can be a original God and goddesses or you can be a demig.

Percy & Jason | Blood of Olympus | Heroes of Olympus

I've really warmed up to Jason throughout the Heroes of Olympus series but it was within the first 30 pages of Blood of Olympus that I really got on good terms with him

Octavian by on @deviantART

"Jason what the heck are you doing." and then I got to the last slide and I laughed so hard with realization IT'S OCTAVIAN.<<< are u kidding me Jason is dum but not that dumb!