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kindergarten color wheel umbrellas with fingerprint rain. Not sure what kind of colour wheel this is, but I like the concept. I find it helps for future concepts to always have the complementary colour directly across from it's mate.

jablka ve sklenici - na stránkách je hodně dalších zajímavých nápadů na tvorbu

cool, easy and kids gonna learn something for sure

Autumn tree

Autumn tree- I like how each child can make a slightly different version

Classe TAP Maternelle Jacques Prévert - TouteMonAnnee.com

Classe TAP Maternelle Jacques Prévert - TouteMonAnnee.com

1800284_10202213940744729_3863624639495730034_n.jpg (720×960)…

1800284_10202213940744729_3863624639495730034_n.jpg (720×960)…

Fénykép: Sok-sok aranyos faleveles ötletet gyűjtöttem össze nektek ebben a bejegyzésben: http://jatsszunk-egyutt.hu/kepek-levelekbol/

Autumn tree leaves - plants Crafts - My grandson and I - Made with schwedesign.

Warm leaves, cool sky

Crayon and Watercolor relief! Good one for fall Warm leaves, cool skies - 2 line and organic shape


Love the idea of using leaves as a dress. A fab automn activity for your messy church display board