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My Troja

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That was my wonderful childhood, growing up in the village-like atmosphere of a beautiful, hilly, green Troja on the outskirts of Prague - with magical valleys, fields, ancient rocks, river, old paths, heavy snowdrifts, wild ski trails (to Hrachovka), goats, geese, and so many friends! We loved to visit the "Trojský zámeček" - The Troja Chateau - where we could roam freely throughout as it was so neglected. Its garden was full of big mature chestnut trees - I was sorry to see them go ...

The chapel of Svatá Klára, This hill had nothing on it, just scrub and bushes, and these vinyards were re-established in the 50's. The Svatá Klára Wine is excellent.


Aerial view of the castle gardens, and the collection of houses close to the river

Close to the Zoo - again, I used to ride my bike here all the time.

Unfortunately this building, also close to the river, really shows its age. It was part of the "Statek" where a lot of farming was done, and it also housed the post office. We used to go there all the time, sending letter, parcels ...

This used to be the "old" school house, close to the river. It has been very nicely renovated - way back it looked in real disrepair.

This house stood close to the river. It was roughly the third house up from the river crossing. I am pretty sure this was where the Svoboda family lived, with two brothers. The older one, Krasoslav ( Krása for short) and I liked each other!

View from the chapel towards the river Vltava. Some houses I can still recognize,

This villa stood behind Svatá Klára chapel, and lovely old spinster of a lady lived there, Slečna Anna Tchořová. She was the caretaker of the chapel, keeping it clean, the linens starched and pressed, the vestments ready. She oil painted pictures of saints, with lovely rosebud mouths, and she gave my mother her painting of the chapel, which we still have in our house. She also gave me piano lessons!

Svatá Klára. Every Sunday, every holiday, every Christmas midnight Mass, we'd climb this hill to attend a service in this chapel. It was a place of refuge during the war. On Holidays it would be full to overflowing! I loved it so!


Svatá Klára Chapel - the only place of worship in the community