Wild Things Paper Bag Puppets.

Literature Where The Wild Things Are Paper Bags. After reading the story have each student create their own paper bag monster or Max puppet. Do a reread of the story and have the students act out the different parts with their puppets.

This Halloween Maze is in the shape of a witch's cauldron's. Help the witch through the cauldron maze to find her missing bat.

Říkanka pro bystré děti - Mikuláš, čert a Anděl

Mikuláš – jak zařídit pěkný zážitek a ne trauma

Nature Crafts, Pinecone, Jul, School, Christmas

8a62e377a5e04d96fb98bdd597b4803c.jpg (504×728)

8a62e377a5e04d96fb98bdd597b4803c.jpg (504×728)

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