Trockenobst selber machen mit einem alten Kühlschrank und etwas Zeit.

A solar dehydrator made out of an old refrigerator. We heard dehydrating is healthier and easier than canning or freezing.

Diamond Ice Cube Tray

Let's face it, you're a loser if your ice isn't in the shape of diamonds. Get ice so icey with this flexible silicone ice cube tray that produces diamond-shaped ice diamonds. Fits six ice diamonds at a time.

Úžasný chleba bez hnětení, bez pekárny a téměř bez práce snap.jpg:

Úžasný chleba bez hnětení, bez pekárny a téměř bez práce Nasypeme do mísy a…

Tipos de copas de #Vino

Drinking wine from a proper glass makes a big impact on ones wine experience. At your next wine & cheese event try tasting a wine in its proper glass vs a standard wine glass!

Cool gadget

Corn Kerneler Kitchen Tool With Stainless Steel Blades - for fresh corn for salsa, casseroles, etc (or for your kids with braces).or Kevin who doesn't eat corn off the cob.

Gesundes Grillen - Gegrillte Lachsspiesse mit Zitronen und Senf *** Grilled Salom Skewers with Garlic and Dijon - Healthy BBQ ❤️

Easy grilled salmon skewers with garlic & dijon. Juicy with incredible flavor & takes less than 30 minutes