Monika Koubková

Monika Koubková

Monika Koubková
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Amazing Orchid Tattoo Design For Women. I'm too chicken. But oh my goodness this is beautiful.

Flower Tattoo - A lot of flower with variety color. It is very unique and good combine design. especially the color theme was pretty well matching with other flowers. the bright blue, red, white and yellow harmony so awesome. - I want Tattoo

OMG! You can buy this ⌒???Ray Ban Sunglasses ???⌒ EVERY for $25.00 now. It never happened ??????

Tree ~ Well, so much for an original tattoo idea. Half living/half dead tree for my back piece. The cemetery will fit nicely on the left side where the background trees are.

734654_406948756055964_676401136_n.jpg (412×620)

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Absolutely love!

I love this color idea! Part black part red. I would totally find some other tattoo design and do the color idea with something other then red.