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three drinks in plastic cups with straws on the top and one has orange juice
ρiทτєrєsτ: кαℓєyнσggℓє ♡ iทsταgrαм: кαℓєyy.мαriє ♡
fried chicken and french fries on a tray at a mcdonald's fast food restaurant
Mc Donalds
a burger sitting on top of a table next to some fries
Its all about food tonight #burgerking
a box of fries next to a bowl of french fries
➰@sayriasayys @sayriasayys➰
a hand holding a cheeseburger with fries in the background
s.k.x (@skxpics)
s.k.x (@skxpics) | Twitter
two trays filled with fries and hamburger next to drinks
a hamburger and french fries on a table
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