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Michal Jedlička
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Complex kaballah showing the Sephirot and the 10 spheres.

Mysticism from the Hermetic Museum Author: C Knorr von Rosenroth Work: Kabbala denudata Date: 1684 Work is over 300 years old / Sacred Geometry

The Occult Anatomy Print Kabbalah Alchemy by TheOccultAnatomy

The Occult Anatomy of Man, by Manly P. Hall - In Scripture we are told that God made man in his own image. It is so stated not only in the Christian Bible but

Mythology + Religion: Main Hindu Gods + Goddesses Chart | #MythologyAndReligion #HinduMythology #GodsAndGoddesses

HINDU GODS CHART There are four main sects within Hinduism: Shaivism (in which Shiva is worshipped as the main god); Vaishnavism (in which Vishnu worshipped as the main god); Shaktism (in which the female aspects of god are primarily worshipped);

Soviet defense of Stalingrad

Battle of Stalingrad is understandably treated by the Soviets as the turning point of the war. In Germany, too, many people feel constrained to regard Stalingrad as the decisive battle of World War II.