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Jock Sturges

Jock Sturges (* 1947, New York) je americký fotograf, nejznámější svými snímky naturistické komunity.
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Jock Sturges, Standing on Water, poster

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Jock Sturges Twenty-Five Years poster
Twenty-Five Years

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Jock Sturges, Twenty-Five Years soft cover book

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Watch LINE OF BEAUTY AND GRACE Online | Vimeo On Demand

Filmwebsite(DVD and more): LINE OF BEAUTY AND GRACE is a tale about photography and art, family and life, dealing with the history of man and woman, life and art. Many art historians consider Jock Sturges, born in 1947, to be one of the most important fine art photographers of our times. As a catholic and graduated in psychology and photography, he survived the attacks of conservatives in the United States. Sturges has created a series of intensely powerful and ...

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Jock Sturges (1996, Scalo, Zürich) - Hledat Googlem

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Photo4: JOCK STURGES "Evolution of Grace" Japanese Photo Book

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photo-eye Bookstore | Jock Sturges: Life Time | photo book

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Jock Sturges: Notes - Hledat Googlem

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