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Astuce : Masque Ninja avec un T.Shirt A quoi sa sert ! _ Hé bien sa peut servir par exemple en cas d'incendie ! Vous trempez un t.shirt & vous le mettez comme sur le schéma ci-dessous, sa permet de protégé la tête & les épaules des flammes le temps d'évacué rapidement les lieux ! (& voire a permettre de respirer un peut moins de fumée) sa peut aussi servir comme camouflage ou se protégé du froid.

How to make a ninja mask out of a T-shirt. You know, because you just never know when you might need a ninja mask from a T-shirt.

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I lost it at "glorious moose mane." I also loved how they got Castiel's slouching in his holy tax accountant outfit

Just meme it!

Just meme it!

This Mom is super extra skilled - some of these are costumes for park workers, outfits you can't just pull up the movie and study the screenshots for. SO impressed! And, of course, the cuteness factor, I can't hardly stand it!!! <3 | This shall be my future child.:

This little girl's mother takes her to Disneyland every week, to help her conquer her shyness. MADE OF ADORABLE. Also, Peter Pan, Ladies & Gentlemen. This little girl is living the dream