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a woman's face with an eye in the center, surrounded by geometric shapes
'vision' by dzeri on DeviantArt
Vision by Dzeri #illustration #bw
an old computer screen with the words what is this? and what is this?
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grunge, quote, and what is this kép
an eyeball in the middle of space with stars and dust all around it's surface
Ambitionz az a ridah
I know this isn't any space.. thing, but it is so beautiful!
an image of a long road with lights coming from the tunnel in the center and on the side
Acid25 | via Facebook on We Heart It
an image of some strange things floating in the air with clouds and skulls on them
two hands reaching up into the air with colorful lights coming out of them and text that reads, 12 stages of awakeing each person has to go through before enlightening
Your brain is like a circuit switch, once you believe you are something, you actually embodied it, and you embody that feeling. If you were god forbidden in a coma and you woke up and you really didn’t have a memory and you were told you used to be a Navy Seal and they want you back once you’re healthy. Do you think you’d act differently and hold yourself differently and conduct yourself different and have a different self-concept of who you are, than if you were told you were a Pianist.
a person holding a lighter in their hand with the light on it's side
Ӏιƙɛ ɬђɛ ωαу уσυ ƒяєη¢ђ ιηђαӀɛ ∂σ ιɬ αgαιη <3
an astronaut floating in space with octopus tentacles
I have 3 boards I could put this on; octoparty, I love space, or Sealife!.....hmmm.