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Blue Aesthetic, Witch Aesthetic, Blue Jay, Ravenclaw, Sailor Mercury, Hogwarts Houses, Mischief Managed, Aladdin, Ravens, Paper Pieced Patterns, Crows Ravens, Crows, Raven

#ravenclaw aesthetic made by me

My heart is still torn between Ravenclaw and Slytherin, but since the sorting hat never gets wrong, and slytherin makes a lot of sense to me. I wont be denying my house 💚 P.: I still like a lot Ravenclaw 💙

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Nice R1 Via : @5e11even  #R1#crossplane#YAMAHA#chairellbikes4life

Nice R1 Via : @5e11even #R1#crossplane#YAMAHA#chairellbikes4life

R6 Girl

R6 Girl