C1 / EXP -1 / TEMP -1 / CONT -5 SAT +1 A bright yet faded filter

→ here's a cool bright faded filter that goes with everything please use this filter, someone, cause this would be SICK for a feed omg — get all the vscocam filters for free with the link in my bio!

Greenish warm filter! Works well with everything!VSCOCAM Filter: H4+12| Contrast: +1| Saturation: -1| Temperature: +1

Works well with everything!

VSCO filter

VSCO CAM - Ultimate guide to editing your insta pics!


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VSCO CAM - another tropical filter☀ Looks best with Tropical photos

VSCOCAM Filter: Hb2+12|  Exposure: +1| Clarity: +2| Saturation: -1| Tint: +2 - New theme! What do you think? #vsco#vscofilter#vscocam

VSCO CAM - Ultimate guide to editing your insta pics!

this makes pictures kinda whiter & vibrant! this works for colorful/bright pics as well 🌴🌞 It's also a reaaally good filter for a feed.

Photo taken by vsco filters. est 2013 ( with caption : 'VSCOCAMFilter:

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Kylie Jenner Filters On Vsco Cam