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Michaela Manová

Michaela Manová
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Tiger Tattoos

Stunning tiger by Csorsz Peter realism blackandgrey tiger animals photorealism hyperrealism female lowerleg, Animal,Realism , Photorealism , Hyperrealism

Booking send me to email  d.yavtushenko@gmail.com #tattoo #convention #worldtattoo #freedesignflash

Booking send me to email d.yavtushenko@gmail.com #tattoo #convention #worldtattoo #freedesignflash

ideas for half sleeve

This hour glass, maybe hanging by chain in the reapers one hand but with the guy trying to claw his way out rather than hands behind head.

preguiça de escrever x.x

Zombies today have it easy. I remember when, if a zombie wanted a sip of brains, they had to get them fresh squeezed, no matter what. No simply going to the store and picking up a brains box.

Holiday nail art tends to include the symbols of particular holidays. Which attribute of Christmas is your favorite?