Who wore it better?

Who wore it better?

Who wore it better? wahahah these are hilarious had to put it up had michael jackson

So... a black widow AND her egg sac? I can handle this....WITH FIRE!!!

a black widow egg sac? I can handle this.WITH FIRE! If spiders learn to fly I am leaving the planet!

My new goal while traveling.

Statue Humor haha I have to do this next time! Is the bear statue the statue at missouri state?

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Business in the front, party in the back!!

mullets at their finest.business in the front, party in the back.although I don't know any business jobs that would hire someone with a mullet.

WOW! So MUCH I could say.... but in 2017, one can never again have the expectation of privacy! Clearly, some don't care! How in the Hell did the face plant into the pole happen?

That's why we can't have nice photos

all the picture fails, and simultaneously, all the epic photo bombs, some accidental, some on purpose

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