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Tree Hive.

I love tree hives; this one has a great observation feature with what looks like a curved plexiglass window.

Eco Bee Box observation hive with removable comb box-

Albert Chubak is raising funds for Eco Bee Box - Utah Hive Comb Box & Copper Observation Hive on Kickstarter! Eco Bee Box developed system to extract honey without costly annual extracting equipment.

The Homestead Survival | Honey How Do Bees Make It  | homesteading & Beekeeping & Bees

Flowering plants require insects for pollination. The most effective - the honeybee, which pollinates 90 commercial crops worldwide.

Bee Veil Tutorial (Beekeeping)

Bee Veil Tutorial (Beekeeping) (DO NOT USE TULLE FOR THIS. Tulle does not hold up well and you will end up with holes in your veil. and having an upset bee (or or stuck in your veil is worse than wearing no veil at all. Use nylon net instead.