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Use a sock to get that poofy bun! :)  #beauty #diy #hair

Make your daughter a Sock Bun! easy and you can either use a color sock to match her hair color . Have fun with cute hair desins.cute wedding or flower girl look. It looks so cute and you only need a few things .

Doll Hairstyle: Rainbow French Ponytail! | AmericanGirlFan | Bloglovin’

The temperature around here been growing hot, so I've been in the mood for Summer doll hairstyles! Here's one that is perfect to get your doll's hair out of her face during those warm days.

American Girl Doll Hairstyle Half-Up Braided Bun

Today I have a hairstyle pretty enough for a Princess! I loved creating this half-up braided bun. Quick, easy, and perfect for those days when your doll wants to be a little fancy. Any doll with shoulder length hair and.