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Cómo hacer botellas sensoriales.:

Sensory bottles can be used in order to help children regulate their behavioral states. Children can utilize sensory bottles prior to or after engaging in activities in order to calm their systems!

First Grade Blue Skies: Melted Snowman Bulletin Board & Freebie Pack

First Grade Blue Skies: Melted CUTE! NOTE present the question: What would a melting snowman look like - get students interpretation - oral description - mjm

These beautiful winter skies were made with bleeding blue and purple tissue paper. #atc

If you cut small squares of bleeding tissue paper and apply them with water to watercolor paper, they leave behind the most amazing swirly winter looking skies.

fall tree painted with bundled q-tips - autumn arts & craft projects for kids

Easy Bundled Q-tip stamped tree paintings for every season. Winter, spring, summer and fall arts and craft project for kids. Make cherry blossoms or beautiful autumn leaves. Great for toddlers or preschoolers