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A handmade necklace collection by Studio Fludd. “An attempt to explain the former changes of the earth’s surface, by reference to causes now in operation.” Charles Lyell – Principles of Geology, 1830. A personal journey to the centre of the …

METAMORFICA Change and Persistence A handmade necklace collection by Studio Fludd

The IT industry adores this sort of workstation but it’s also ideal for different types of industries and offices. In case the product is designed for heavier more industrial usage, then the company is going to add binding agents to… Continue Reading →

Výsledek obrázku pro salvador dali pinturas

Výsledek obrázku pro salvador dali pinturas

Související obrázek

Související obrázek

Espen Dietrichson

Variations on a Dark City and Other Works, by Espen Dietrichson

Monotonous Expectations | http://espendietrichson.com/#10

Espen Dietrichson's levitating architecture — THE OPSIS

Espen Dietrichson - highlike

Espen Dietrichson, from the "Monotonous Expectations" exhibition, March 2013

"To define is to limit" -Oscar Wilde

'Sooner Or Later it All Comes Down'. It was constructed by the folks over at Via Grafik, a graphic design studio and an art collective based in Wiesbaden, Germany.


can we do a maze with our products?

DPI by Mogg / A 3D module repeated different times to build a structure, a wall unit for an open design / Design by Filippo Mambretti /  http://www.mogg.it  #mogg #moggdesign #DPI #FilippoMambretti #contenitore #wallunit #storage #Interior #Design #InteriorDesign #ItalianFurniture #Italian #Furniture #SaloneDelMobile #SalonedDelMobile2016

DPI modular system 2016 Designed by Filippo Mambretti for Mogg