Martha Stewart's Most-Pinned Smoothie Recipes | Healthy and packed with antioxidants!

Hearty Fruit and Oat Smoothie

Some new ideas for your smoothies? :) Healthy Smoothie Recipes by Martha Stewart. Substitute dairy for almond/coconut milk and sugar for coconut water.

Kick Booty Kale Smoothie. Just one sip of this green smoothie, and you'll feel ready to take on the world!

Kick Booty Kale Pineapple Smoothie

Kick Booty Kale Smoothie - "A healthy kale pineapple smoothie recipe that is loaded with protein, tastes fabulous, and will keep you powered all morning long. One sip, and you will feel ready to take on the world!

Berry Kale Smoothie- Paleofy it by using coconut or almond milk and nixing the yogurt, or it can be primal by using the yogurt.

Berry Kale Smoothie

Berry Kale Smoothie: 1 cup of kale 1 orange juiced 1 cup coconut milk 1 cup coconut water avocado 1 TBS gelatin strawberries 1 cup of blueberries drops vanilla extract (optional) ice cubes 1 banana (optional)

How to Avoid Dialysis and Cure Kidney Disease. Cleanse and detox your kidneys naturally.

CLEAN YOUR KIDNEYS Years pass by and our kidneys are filtering the blood by removing salt, poison and any unwanted entering our body. With time, the salt accumulates and this needs to undergo clean…


LIPOVÝ SIRUP Květy lípy, 3 kg cukru, šťáva ze 4 citronů, kyselina citronová

šťáva z černého rybízu za studena

Dokonalá šťáva zastudena z černého rybízu (recept kamarádky Elly od její…

Kopřivový sirup

Kopřivový sirup 100 ks vršků mladých kopřiv 3 ks citrónů 3 kg cukru krystal

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